Planning a Wedding Reception, Anniversary, live Event or just a good Old Fashioned Knees up?

We aim to offer a Hassle free night with Polite, and Courteous service with music to suit all tastes appropriate to your guests and Function.

We pride in sharing our expertise in service & event performance. Your event will be professionally executed at the best price available guaranteed.

Whether your event is a Wedding reception for fifty or three hundred, a business meeting or a Rock Concert, our Sound and Lighting systems are the tools you need to get the job done.

Nativa Production is a Professional Sound and Lights System Company offering a wide variety of services covering Dallas and surrounding areas.

We have many years of experience in the industry serving the community on events such as Weddings, Corporate Events, Sweet 16 and Quinceaneras, Proms and Graduations, Bands and Concerts, etc.


With our top-notch and modular systems we are ready to make sure that your audience can hear every word and sound and enjoy every nuance of your event.

We will work with the needs of your program to ensure a successful event where everybody is happy.

Our Music database consists of more than 200,000 songs and we update it every month. Our wide music library offers something for everyone.

Without proper lighting no performance can live up to its full potential.

We sure have the tools and know-how to make lighting your event simple and effective.

Our Dancing/Disco lights, Staging and Ambient Up-Lights will leave your guests speechless!


The UP-Lights accentuate walls, pillars and columns in your desire color. Driven by advanced technology these lights combine red green and blue LED lights to blend any color imaginable. The up-lights transform any Venue from Ordinary to Extraordinary giving it an up-scale and elegant touch.

The monogram projector can show messages such as initials or names and any customized artwork onto the dance-floor or against a wall.

JPC Lighting is the Lighting branch of Nativa Productions.

Check out our “Follow-Spot Lights”!

JPC Lighting (a branch of Nativa Productions) is proud to introduce a one-of-a-kind lighting effect! This effect consists of 2 Spot-lights located at different corners of the dance-floor, remotely controlled in unison.

They are used to illuminate a speaker or performer, the bride and groom at the introductions and during their first dance (and depending on location when cutting the cake) creating a million-dollar special effect.

This Multi-Spot Light effect is exclusive to Nativa Productions, It was designed and built by our Engineer down to the component level.

Digital Projection Mapping is one of the newest and coolest effects in the market. Projection Effects seen at Universal Studios, Hollywood and Disney World.

JPC Lighting (a branch of Nativa Productions) brings to Dallas this super exclusive effect to elevate any event to a whole different level.

The potential of this tool is extreme, so donít be afraid to contacting us for details!

We only use the highest end sound and lights equipment available today in the market; assuring the absolute best in sound quality and lighting effects.

Our Superior Robotic, intelligent lighting can cover a dance-floor with effects similar to the best night clubs in the country.

Our (Bilingual) Disc Jockey will take care of all the announcements in the order you prefer according the timeline. He will always go the extra mile to make sure you and your guests have a wonderful time.

By choosing   Nativa Production your event will be in good hands. Our experienced and reliable Disc Jockey / Master of Ceremonies will make sure everything runs smoothly.

 Make your event into a dream…. Nativa Productions can help you get there at very reasonable rates. We offer standard packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond), as well as customized packages to fit your needs.


DJ-MC-Sound-Lighting for events 5 to 5,000 guests

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